, So somebody sent the link to my mom. Which kind...

So somebody sent the link to my mom.

Which kind of sucks, because I was gonna try to bring it up to her.

But it’s also okay and understandable.

But the conversation with my mom was really awkward and, like expected, she seemed really disappointed. And then like, awkwardly sent me off. I wish she hadn’t seen the video. And I could have just told her on my own. But. Opportunities and stuff.

I don’t know, I freaked a lot of people out and now I’m nervous because some people just aren’t talking to me and I don’t know what’s going on and I’m really sorry, I feel really terrible. I don’t know. I’m very lonely feeling still even though I know I’m not alone completely.


I don’t know.

The people I want to talk to the most are all just. Silent. They seem angry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I am just so terrible. I’m so sorry. My mom normally hugs me in my depressed moments. But not this time.

I’m so sorry.

We talked about putting me on medication. I will try it. I think. Probably.

I don’t know, I’m so sorry.

  1. dinosaurjam said: That’s shitty, that someone sent that to your mom. And if you try meds and they make you feel worse, you have the choice to wean off it and try other things. (Also, if anyone is disappointed in/mad at you, that’s their problem. It’s not your fault.)
  2. henrytudors said: Just know that, if anything, I love you. You’re amazing. And somehow you’ll get through this.
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