Billie is okay now and she’s social and she loves me and yay.

Seriously, she was hanging out on the couch with me, Alex and Donut for like, half a hour.

Good news, everyone.

The little friends were snuggling in their new bed.


Somebody come watch Tank Girl with me in my super clean apartment and we can drink water from crazy straws and snuggle on top of each other like my rats do

and I have coloring books and we can turn on the Chrimbus lights and if you want I can make you some tots and there’s a big empty space in the middle of my floor, we could move all the pillows there and watch X-Men cartoons and do kisses and draw things on our backs and try to guess what they are and ask weird questions and later at like five, we can go out to the park and bask in the glory that is quiet Chicago or even go out to the breakers by the Planetarium and be literally the only people of THOUSANDS in the city of Chicago there at that moment and we will be looking at this

literally just like that that’s what it will look like I’m not kidding and it will be simple and nice yet totally hardcore meaningful and EVERYTHING. FUCKING EVERYTHING.

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if your rats are playing and having fun….or if they’re trying to eat each other.

Lil Love

Lil Love

We had to clean the Poop Castle, so we put them in these Death Domes. All Billie has really done is take a million shits. My voice is the MOST annoying.

This is my first attempt at snapping some photos of Billie, my new darling Dumbo rat. She kept running up and down my arms and then she pooped on the couch. Sooooo, I had to put her back! But she sniffed all over me and played in my hair!

The love has begun.