Pillow Talk Conversation This Morning

Boy: Feels like we’re married.

Myself: Why do you say that?
Boy: Because. We took a bath together to cool down. Then I read while you fell asleep until I joined you. And now we’re sitting here talking about random things.

Myself: We even talked about babies earlier.

Boy: Yeah. And how good looking they’d be. We’re gonna have awesome babies. ……….Waitnofuck, that came out wrong! I meant. Like. We would. And like. *I proceed to laugh aloud* It’s late. And early. Fuck. Nevermind.

Myself: *tossing my leg over the boy and creepily whispering in his ear* Have my babieeeeeees.

Boy: God, STOP. *tosses me off*

Best. Pillow talk. Ever.