l0l Satanz Prezant

Am I Tumbling rite? With the black and the cross and the boobs and the the?

Exhausted from Tumbling too hard, now covered in tissues, birth control and water.

Per. Usual.

So the guy that I sort of “went off” on about birth control is actually very sweet and has good intentions, but is just a bit uninformed. I had posted the O’Reilly response to Sandra Fluke, while also posting Fluke’s original speech, and Rush Limbaugh’s extraordinary fuck up. So my friend watched all of them and then said this:

"I do have to say that ALL contraception should NOT be covered by insurance. When it’s a necessity, yes, it should, like her friend’s case. I cannot honestly say that I’m okay with contraception being covered across the board when I can’t even afford asthma medicine because my insurance won’t cover it completely. Let alone the ADD, anti anxiety meds, and anti depressants I should be taking. I do get her argument, and it should definitely be covered in certain cases. I just can’t justify it being paid for as a contraceptive only before I can afford to breathe right.

Also, fuck Rush Limbaugh.”

And so I replied with:

"While I do entirely agree with what you say about proper access to all of those medications, I do want to clarify something. To restrict birth control to "certain situations" is the exact reason Sandra’s friend GOT sick. What Sandra was saying was that her school didn’t BELIEVE her friend needed it, because they were following "providing through dire needs" guidelines, chose to follow their own bias, which is the only way to make those decisions, through bias, and then failed to acknowledge her illness and she then was not able to afford it because it is outlandishly expensive, and THEN she got ill. BECAUSE of the restriction of birth control to certain situations.

Birth control is not and never will be solely or even primarily a contraceptive. It’s a damn good contraceptive, yes, but what people are failing to do here is pay attention to women’s usage of the medication. Over half of the girls that I know on birth control are on it because of an illness, or because it helps maintain our menstruation. Something that happens when girls get their periods is cramps. I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about it. Well, mine stopped me from moving. Or talking. Literally. I would spend DAYS keeled over, vomiting, sweating, feeling like death, unable to move, extraordinarily bloated, feeling (LITERALLY NO LYING) like every inch of all of my lady parts were being stabbed. Repeatedly. This happened every month. For several days. When I was TEN. So I couldn’t go to school. Since I’ve been on birth control? That’s never happened and it has not intruded on my life what so ever. Some other girls have really heavy flows. Sounds gross, right? Yeah, it is. Really gross. And they’d use up an entire box of tampons in a day or two. That sort of thing also prevents them from going to school. On birth control? That stops.

It really is not at all about having sex. But sometimes it is, and birth control is used so that a woman can be ready for life and any obstacles it may throw her way. I knew a girl on birth control. She got sexually assaulted. The guy didn’t use a condom. Luckily, she isn’t pregnant. It helps her guide her education and knowledge about her choices and her lifestyle in general, kind of like what Adderall does for some people. And the idea that birth control distribution and coverage should be determined by what an outside party who is completely incapable, no matter the sex, of understanding the circumstance, is outrageous. I don’t think insurance necessarily needs to cover it completely. But it should certainly cover part of it under ALL circumstances. To tell a woman that taking control of her body and her decisions should not be allowed because her reasons don’t seem valid enough is just as dreadful, even worse, than denying somebody cheaper Adderall. And it is sexism to a T, denying a woman control of her own body. I get a discount on my adderall and my birth control, luckily, and I take them both mostly for reasons that probably aren’t the publics expectation. I agree with you that all medication should be covered. But the biggest mistake in all of this is that nobody really KNOWS what birth control is. The opposing forces are EXTREMELY uninformed, mostly men, and are NOT doing their research. So yes. These things.

And FUCK Rush Limbaugh.

I’m also not like, going off on you or angry or anything! I’m actually currently doing research for a persuasive speech on this topic, so you caught me at a particularly debate-centric, saucy as hell moment. So that’s why I just wrote a novel.

UPDATE. He responded. Let’s go on, shall we? He said:

"No no no, I totally get that. I know how bad it can get with menstruation too (obviously not firsthand), one of my ex girlfriends was in the same boat as you, and her parents wouldn’t let her take birth control. I get that issue. My concern is that it will be abused by some women. Unfortunately, I feel like it would probably be a sizable group of people too. It’s the same reason I’m for medical marijuana, but would never conceive that every case were paid for by insurance. I do wish that money were so abundant that it could pay for all of the necessary medication, but clearly that is not the case, and with birth control being something that is easy to abuse, I’m skeptical about birth control being paid for in every case. I definitely see your argument that its nearly impossible for people to discern which cases should be paid for though, and I suppose I can’t really come up with a solution for that other than what is being suggested. Protip: if you’re trying to persuade, third paragraph was super persuasive. Nice work.

And I’m still pissed that insurance wont even cover my rescue inhaler completely. Garbage.”

And this is my response, the place where the conversation is currently at:

There will never ever in the history of birth control usage be a single way to “abuse” it. To abuse something is to use it wrongly or improperly, to misuse something. So the language there of “abusing” birth control is a bit unclear to me of what you’re trying to say. Because it is impossible to take more birth control than needed, since the prescriptions are heavily restricted. They have never been used for an overdose or anything harmful to the body. There isn’t a way to really “misuse” birth control, simply to take it, as prescribed, for whatever reason you may need it. It’s not like one would take it recreationally.

I guess I’m kind of asking what you mean by “it’s easy to abuse”. So if you’d maybe clarify a way a woman could abuse birth control….

Also, there isn’t really a way to compare “abusing” birth control to abusing medicinal marijuana, since abusing marijuana is for recreational purposes, whereas birth control doesn’t like, make you feel particularly good or get you high or raise your energy. If anything, your implication that ADD medication be covered is much more valid of those worries than worrying about birth control. It is used solely for health issues, and has never been used any other way. So to imply that it can be “abused” is to imply that a woman does not have the right to take control of her body and make her own educated decisions about what’s best for her. Why should we restrict birth control when doctors are literally handing out Adderall like candy, a medication that is sold literally inside classrooms to students who aren’t properly diagnosed?”


So yes, let’s see where this goes. He’s liked all my comments so far.


Hey Roy Blunt,

I just got myself off while reading your proposed amendment (S.1813), which speaks against PPACA. Not because what you were saying turned me on. But because knowing that this shit will never pass, but rather crash and burn, was just so overwhelmingly hot.


That funny, hilarious, just so silly moment when a person thinks that there is pure female equality, and it is most definitely no longer an issue…..all the while the government is debating about whether or not women have the right or the intelligence to be putting birth control, something that a LOT of women use to regulate extremely painful cases of menstruation, inside of their body. Viagra has been covered with insurance at very cheap prices, even for free, for ages.

Yes. Equality. That’s what it looks like.