l0l Satanz Prezant

Am I Tumbling rite? With the black and the cross and the boobs and the the?

Exhausted from Tumbling too hard, now covered in tissues, birth control and water.

Per. Usual.

"I’m so bored with it all."
Winston Churchill had the best last words.
Study of Feet and Hands by Theodore Gericault

Study of Feet and Hands by Theodore Gericault

You will never make anything this badass.

Ya “Maniac”.

(Greatest thing I’ve seen all day.)

Homeland Security
No resting for you.

No resting for you.


John Updike: The Centaur


John Updike: The Centaur

Rest peaceful, Lover Bean. Toby bear. Snuggle muffin. Everything. So sorry I wasn’t home to say goodbye, but I think we both saw this coming the last few times we saw each other. Thank you for the eleven years of infinite kisses and consistent love. Fearless love.

The reason the death of a pet is easier to accept than that of a human is because, with a human, there will always be regrets. Things you never said. Things you wish you’d done. Fights you wish you never had. But with a pet. A pet truly sticks by your side as long as you stick by theirs. I think I’m finally truly understanding the meaning of true love. The dedication she had to our friendship, how she always sat by me silently when I cried. And how she’d jump up and perk her ears whenever I smiled. Nothing will ever beat it. Nothing will ever come close. And I will cry and be sad, but always stay positive in remembering how truly loyal she was. My Everything has left me. I don’t know when the next time is that I’ll bite my cheeks in complete adoration of something. But I believe only Toby deserves it. The one living thing that truly knew absolutely everything about me.

I miss you, hun bun. See you soon.

Without a doubt, one of the most loved dogs ever.

Rest destructively, my peacemaker.

You will be GREATLY missed.

A genius lost, but never gone. I will never forget you and the impact you had on not only me, but on past, present and future generations. I WILL keep you living. With all that I have.



The more I think about it, the more Osama becomes Voldemort in my head. I mean, really. They both disappeared for a certain amount of time, yet left their world living in fear of them. They both threatened to kill certain groups. They both created a following. They were both banned from certain places. And they were both killed by the “hero” on May 1st. THISISMYTHOUGHTPROCESS. And it is important. …..I swear it is. o_O

Annnnnd, somebody just told me that Voldemort died on May 2nd….