At first I was mad at myself for having all of these hip hop feels, like I shouldn’t.

(I’m holding off my shower for this, it is important.)

I thought, no. I’m overreacting. It’s okay. Make all of these tummy churns go away. These memories are silly. This is silly. Forget the first time you saw Brown Sugar. Forget the first time you played Lauryn Hill straight through. KMD was just an album. It’s okay. Calm down. Deep breaths. Common has gotten his respects.

But. I’m sorry. These are my feelings. And I just. I’m not mad at anybody right now. I’m not resentful or angsty.

I’m just music. I am feeling hip hop. I am feeling hip hop so fucking hard right now. When you know hip hop, you know it. You trust it. You understand it. You expect it, but respect it enough to give it room and abandon all expectations.

Erykah Badu put it best. Just the love of my fucking life, saved me, and it is not meant to be shoved into years and different sects and sub-genres.

It’s mother fucking hip hop, for christs sake, respect that.

Stop trying to analyze that for your “intelligence” or “superiority”. Leave my hip hop alone. It’s allowed to do what it wants. It’s like my family.

I feel just as protective about hip hop as I do when somebody insults my mother or my sister or my best friend.

I have very serious, strong feelings about this. Nothing as good and true as hip hop and it never dies, fuck you. This is our blues.

Trust. Is key. In this music. Cocky naïveté does not hold well. With me, at least.

It is a culture, truer than punk will ever be. And you’ll never see it until you’ve lived it. Growing up with it is the best way to do it.

With the sassy muted horns and the footstep drums and the silent song in the rhythm of the words, it’s fucking real.

It’s real.

And it gives me heart palpitations to hear false accusations and I guess I haven’t had these feels in a while so that’s why it’s so weird for me. And it’s so intense.

It really is close. It’s very very close. Nobody else liked what I liked musically when I was growing up. So I scoured Cheapo and popped what I could in my Walkman and pretended it was something like Ricky Martin just to get by.

But artists like Common confirmed to me that I was hearing the right things. That I could stick it out another day.

Sure, Blink and Red Hot and Pixies did that for me, too.

But the community of hip hop. I hid it for so long.

No more, man.

No fucking more.

I love it. So much.

It’s so real.

I hope you get to feel that some day.

Smell Yo Dick by Riskay

Tupac Shakur At Age 17 On Being Nice To Women

the lord

the lord

Just saw a clip of a Willow Smith live performance.

A bunch of pre-teen girls were throwing up what they clearly didn’t know was the Wu Tang sign.


I’d like my hip hop back, please.

Fuck You All by Mac Lethal

Rings true every single time.

Dude, I’m starting to realize it’s not my fault that I can’t have a good time when I go out.
When I leave the house for that matters. Yo.

For the chicks in expensive clothes,
Looking for a place to stick their nose, standing there in a bitchy pose.
With your arms crossed acting like you’re too beautiful
To have a good time… NOBODY LIKES YOU!

To Gregory, the guy of my job,
The two-faced snob, that will stab you in the back for a raise.
And he starts another workroom on every other day.
Man fúck him and say NOBODY LIKES YOU!

And to the frab boys,
Racist; rowdy; violent; toxicated; acting real childish.
Daybreak drugs, abercrombie, co-add.
They get Dave Matthews band-fanshirts NOBODY LIKES YOU!

To the white girls that act like gangsters, and talk like:
“Aww hell no girl, that bitch keep looking at me
I’m a go get my motherfúcking shotgun out the trunk”
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah shut up. NOBODY LIKES YOU!

[Chorus: x2]
I’m gonna die but it’s not my time.
I got a warm ass heart that I cannot find.
But the pressure in the world is gonna break my spine
So I gotta let it out right now

There’s a club in my city called “Blonde”,
It’s like a freaking nightclub version of Bed Bath & Beyond.
You got a fake tan ‘til your skin turns bronze,
If you wanna get in but uh NOBODY LIKES IT!

Cool man you got a new car,
It’s got a nice stereo in it. All the windows are tanned.
You got leather seats and the rims were expensive.
But shut the up about it: NOBODY LIKES IT!

To the guys, that manufacture XTC, thank you
It dehydrates you and fills your head with brain goose
Somebody created techno music on your dumb synthetic drug man

Every four years the presidenticy could be different.
But everybody’s lazy and no one wants to listen.
There’s powers and numbers but people wanna play videogames
‘cause man fúck voting. NOBODY LIKES IT!

[Chorus x4]

Ah, club sive
Ey yo yo yo yo
Hey man, complaining that you don’t hear good music on the radio and you don’t see good music on mtv and shit. It’s like complaining that you can’t get a good fucking steak at T.G.I. Friday’s. Which you can.

Artsy by The Grouch

we was conscious first, welcome to Earth

Rites of Passage by Brother Ali

Sage Francis was in love with Natalie Portman way before it was cool.

Rest destructively, my peacemaker.

You will be GREATLY missed.

A genius lost, but never gone. I will never forget you and the impact you had on not only me, but on past, present and future generations. I WILL keep you living. With all that I have.