Any words will do.

I had to put this on youtube. Because it wouldn’t load on Tumblr for some reason.

So here.

Yeah. And stuff. Any words please.

The empowerment and bursting satisfaction that comes with realizing that you just completely saved yourself from an abusive, manipulative situation.


This Tumblr! This Tumblr isn’t posting anymore!

Somebody go talk to the Tumblr Gods, they haven’t posted in two months and everything about them is PERFECT, SOMEBODY FIX THIS. PERFECTION IS SLIPPING AWAY. fudge.

If there was ever a time that I needed everybody in the world to send me videos of corgis and kittens and mindless, stupid funny things, now would certainly be the perfect example of a time like that.

So send away.

Mindlessness, please?

I just want my own computer back. So I can pretend to follow my summer goal of writing new stories, but actually play Roller Coaster Tycoon. THIS IS ALL THAT I ASK.

Day Two: Nine things about yourself

1) I am still a kid at heart…

2) But if you talk to me like I’m a child, I will rip your fucking head off.

3) I’m rarely outwardly bitchy to people and it’s not often that I hardcore call somebody out. So when I DO, I am to be taken seriously.

4) I say excruciatingly dorky things. i.e. Okie Dokie Smokey, Groovy Tunes, Alrighty Spidey, etc. etc. etc.

5) My assets are large and in charge. Always have been. Always will be. But I was blessed with a small waist.

6) I like talking about sex. I like having sex. I like kinky sex. I like sex. I don’t have much sex lately. But through and through, I will always love sex. sexsexsexsexsex.

7) When I was (I’m guessing) 3, I told my mother as she was recording me on the video camera that wanted to be a fire truck when I grew up. BITCH, I AM ON MY WAY THERE.

8) My wisdom teeth are coming in. I’m only wanting to get them out because any excuse to not get work done is fine by me.

9) I finally have an idea for a novel. I don’t give a fuck if it never gets published. That’s one of the only things that sets me apart from the majority of the art school kids that surround me.