lil love!

Billie is okay now and she’s social and she loves me and yay.

Seriously, she was hanging out on the couch with me, Alex and Donut for like, half a hour.

Good news, everyone.

Did you miss me??

Did you miss me??

The little friends were snuggling in their new bed.

how much did your rat cage cost? im getting one soon :)

OH! THE RATTIES! Welllllllp, it really depends! Are you getting more than one (BECAUSE YOU SHOULD)? Because since my roomie last minute decided to get a lil rattie pal as well, we went all out and splurged. That’s why I’m broke as a joke right now. But yes, we went in together on this mother fucker:

It was ON SALE for eighty bucks. So. You know. Pricy, but worth it. If you’re getting two, I’d really really really recommend one with tiers. They need lots of space to play. And even if you’re just getting one, the bigger the better. The more space they have, the easier it is for them to distinguish where food is, where play is, and where the bathroom is (BECAUSE YOU CAN POTTY TRAIN THEM COOL RATS ARE SO COOL). But yes. It’s bad when their food is by their poop. That’s why different levels are nice. Food on top, poops on bottom. So yeah, even something like this guy:

Go all out for the little pal. They may be critters, but they’re very receptive and definitely smart animals. This is not exactly a novelty pet. The way I see it, buying a cage is kind of like getting a tattoo. If you’re gonna get it, you’ll have it for a while and it’ll affect the space around you, so you might as well pay as much as you can to ensure you get the best. You don’t want to half ass a tattoo. And you don’t want to half ass your pets living quarters, either.

SORRY THAT WAS REALLY FUCKING LONG BUT I LOVE RATS and i’m also on lots of adderall and smart water and happiness.

If you have any other rattie questions, let me know! I’d love to answer em for ya! Enjoy your buddy!

Excuse my terrible baby voice and my shitty unwashed look, but Donut and are becoming VERY GOOD PALS. Weeeeeeee. Billie’s getting better, too! YES.

little darlin, we hang out a lot

I had a drunk bedtime party with Donut last night but I could in no way shape or form for the life of me complete the daunting task of drunkenly uploading THIS many pictures.

So here they are now.

It’s snack time on Maddie’s boobs at 1420 this afternoon, while we watch Betty Boop and Friends.
It’s that charmed life.

It’s snack time on Maddie’s boobs at 1420 this afternoon, while we watch Betty Boop and Friends.

It’s that charmed life.

I have no idea what's up with the glitch, but Donut says g'night.


Good afternoon, Mrs. Donut

rattie love