Dubstep Beatboxing. Obsessed.

Hayling by FC Kahuna

Star Wars Alpacas

Well, jeepers. I think this is kind of groovy. Pretty cute, guys. Pretty cute.

Amy mushed into Queen, sprinkled with Ray Charles.

Exotic Shorthairs are officially the derp cats of Kitty World.

Good morning, beautiful.

I hope you have an incredible day.

And I hope nothing stops you from that. Not even yourself. You are worth loving, even if the love is fleeting. Focus on nothing but your happiness today. Because you are so worth a wait. Don’t you dare let anybody tell you otherwise. Pay attention to the way singular leaves move today. And, even though it’s corny, find shapes in the clouds. Create a smiling scenario for yourself. Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting. Logically. But freely. Find a rooftop and smile while you cry at the innocence of all that was ever nothing, but created into something by somebody you miss.

Recognize that, even though you are only one of billions, you owe yourself this.

You are most certainly worth it.

This video is my current obsession right now. And this song.